Lands of Mythos

Five lands form Mythos and each land offers a variety of real estate and living opportunities, from a more glamorous life in a bright villa in Mythos Themyscira (The City) to a more challenging life in a humble hovel in the Mythos Wastelands. For landmarks, prices, availabilty and further information on rentals in Mythos, please visit the Mythos Welcome Center, where you will find a 3D-map representing the lands and available parcels in Mythos.

The photo galleries below show the Mythos lands and some of their houses. It is only meant to give an impression of the lands, and is in no way complete. You are welcome to discover the lands of Mythos in style  – a free toga is available in the Mythos Welcome Center  – and by doing so, we kindly ask you to connect with the Mythosians, but please respect all citizens, especially in the privacy of their homes.

Mythos Themyscira (The City)

Mythos Voreios (The Ancient Forest)

Mythos (central)

Mythos Notos

Mythos Wastelands