Mythos provides reference to the legends that were told throughout mankind, stories about gods and demons, weird creatures, amazing adventures, about heroes – or ordinary people turning out to be heroes – and the ‘good and bad’ energy that floats around our planet Earth. These stories are a wonderful source of inspiration and a great joy, not only for us in Mythos, but for many throughout Second Life. To celebrate this beautiful legacy, we invite you to the 2019 Mythos “Strike A Pose” Contest. Everybody is invited to submit their entries, consisting of a picture and title with small dialog. Once the exposition with entries is set up at the Gallery, you will be able to vote for your favorite pieces.

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Solstice Celebration

Winter solstice has been celebrated in all cultures around the world, but over thousands of years customs and traditions were in many ways very similar, such as giving presents. As a present for you, Mythos offers you a horse statue, that can represent ‘Lightness’ and ‘Darkness’ and invites you to transform it into something spectacular.

Vote Now for the Mythos Photo Contest

we’ll invite you all to play with the gods and devils in the “2018 Mythos Photo Contest”. Everybody is invited to participate, people from the Mythos community, and friends from outside, to submit beautiful portrait pictures / paintings, that make reference to a mythological scene.

shave or not to shave - roman mythology and beards

Shave or Not to Shave

The other day I visited the Greek, later Roman city of Emporiae on the Iberian peninsula, and a group of … More