Principles of this Blog

This blog contains fun facts of Ancient Cultures, with a focus on Mythology & Fantasy, and all that in a Second Life context. Confused? Please read on …

From our modern, contemporary context and – more specifically – our digital lives in the online world of Second Life, and more specifically in the Mythos community (see ‘About Us‘), this blog aims to establish references to curiousities of classical cultures to raise awareness and interest in Mythos, Mythology and Ancient Times in general.

What’s the use of knowledge, if you don’t share it? You might consider creating a blog post for this site. It’s fun to do, and you learn while exploring the internet and structuring the text and images around a theme.

This is what it is about:

Guidelines for our blog posts

  • Each blog post is about a subject or theme in ancient times, i.e. ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Mesopotamian cultures, passing through Aztec and Mayan culture, the Greeks and Romans, until the Vikings and early medieval times, such as the King Arthur stories, and the ‘fantasy-legends’ of Tolkien.
  • The subject can be anything, as long as it makes reference to ancient cultures and – even better – its legends & mythology; we like to stimulate fantasy.
  • In each blog post, a reference is established to ‘something’ in Mythos & Second Life. That can be anything – for example – a place or name, a building or item, an event in Mythos, etc.
  • The text proposal is in English, easy to read for general public, and it includes references (preferably in the form of links) to resources and to Mythos. All posts have a header photo and pictures and/or video’s inside the blog posts.
  • This blog just aims to present mythological & Mythosian information in a nice way to the public; they are not meant to be complete nor perfect.

This would be great, but not mandatory:

  • Proposals for the header photo and – preferably – at least one video or image in the post itself; Videos and images of decent quality.
  • As a general guideline, the text length can be between 300 to 400 words, so not very long, but in case you need more or less words to tell your story, please create something what feels best for you.*

* Experience in text writing or WordPress helps but is not necessary.


Blog posts will be communicated on social media, i.e. Mythos on Facebook, and inworld in the Mythos group in Second Life.

Send in proposals

  • Inworld Second Life: Notecard with text and/or suggestions to:
    David Tertius Aquillius (username: davidarof denimore)
  • Email text and/or suggestions to:

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

David Tertius Aquillius - Mythos Mythology