About Mythos

Mythos, a World of Mythology & Fantasy

Mythos is a hetero-friendly LGBTQ+ community in the online virtual world called Second Life. It is an adult community and aims to be a safe place for everybody. We kindly ask you to connect, but respect other individuals, especially in the privacy of their homes.

Mythos provides a reference to the stories that have been formed by cultures from all over Earth, throughout all time: from the fascinating history of the Persians, Egyptians and Greeks, to the warrior gods in Norse mythology, including early Medieval legends such as King Arthur, and Fantasy based tales as The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

Explore the history of our world through the stories of its people

You are welcome to visit Mythos. A great way to get to know Mythos is by visiting the Mythos Welcome Center, where you’ll find information about the Mythos community, the lands, the events and the rentals. Start exploring the amazing world of Mythos, offering beautiful scenery, art & history, homes, friendship opportunities, roleplay & entertainment!

A few suggestions to start your journey: