“Theme: Enchantment

To honor the return of the sun, fertility, the beauty of our lands, new beginnings and creativity, we’ll invite you to the “2020 Mythos Spring Photo Challenge“.

We trust this will be a fun and easy challenge for many to enjoy, people from the Mythos community and friends and visitors, to submit ‘enchanted’ pictures taken on Mythos. Everybody is welcome to participate.

The pictures will be displayed at the Mythos Art Gallery “Vitruvius”, for all to enjoy. Pieces will be placed on a big canvas to show details.

Theme: “Enchantment”.
Your own, personal interpretation of what enchantment means to you


The schedule for the event is as follows:

  • Until April 15 Creating: Take your Pictures and send them in.
  • April 15 – May 15 Voting: Exposition at the Mythos Art Gallery “Vitruvius”.
  • Last week of May Celebrating: Announcing the winners.

Guidelines for your picture(s)

Make a picture (or painting or piece of art) that complies with these guidelines (*):

  1. Model(s): Show avatar(s) and/or creature(s) in ‘Mythos Style’.
  2. Theme: “Enchantment“. An enchanting picture and/or your own, personal interpretation of Enchantment.
  3. Venue: Taken on one of the Lands of Mythos.
  4. Embellishment or upgrading of your photo / painting will be appreciated but is not mandatory – i.e. you are allowed to use – for example – SL Windlight or photo editing to create a creative masterpiece.

(*) Note: if you need a tag for rezzing for the scene for your picture in Mythos, please contact David Aquillius (username: davidarof denimore).

Mythos Style‘:
Mythos provides a reference to stories that have been formed by cultures all over Earth, throughout all time:
from the fascinating history of the Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, to the warrior gods in Norse mythology, including early Medieval legends such as King Arthur, and Fantasy based tales as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.
Mythos is an adult sim; nudity is allowed.

How to participate?

Please follow these steps for sending in your photo(s) :

  1. The piece is in line with the guidelines above and is a texture that is ‘copy / modify’.
  2. It has a title. (To make voting easier, we will put the title and the name of the creator with the photo).
  3. Each participant is allowed to send in (max.) two pieces.
  4. In Second Life, send this texture and it’s title to: David Aquillius (username: davidarof denimore).
  5. Send in your photo up/before deadline April 15, 2020.
  6. Photos will be exposed at the Mythos Art Gallery “Vitruvius”.

Stay up to date

Three basic guidelines for pictures:

1. Shows model(s) in ‘Mythos-style’.

2. An ‘enchanting’ photo.

3. Taken in Mythos.


Around April 15, 2020, we will invite you to visit the Mythos Art Gallery, to enjoy the results and see the pictures / paintings. This will also be an opportunity to vote for your favorite piece. Popular votes will make up 1 jury vote.

How to vote?

  • Visit the Gallery during the month of April to chose your favorite photos.
  • Create your Top 3 with the titles of your favorite pictures / paintings. Click on the photo to see the title and creator.
  • Send a notecard with your Top 3 on/before before May 15 to: David Aquillius (username: davidarof denimore).

(*) Your number 1 will get 6 points, number 2 will get 3 points, and number 3 will get 1 point. You can vote only once. You cannot vote for your own picture. You are allowed to send in only one title – or two titles – instead of three, but you cannot vote for the same photo twice.


The jury consist of four members, each with the same amount of influence:

  • Vɪᴛᴛᴏʀɪᴏ Tʜᴏʀɴᴇ (vittorio thorne),
  • Stαvrσѕ вlαckwσσd (stavaros),
  • Rosslyn Guardian (to be confirmed),
  • The people, the sum of the popular vote.

First winner will win:
A month free rent in Mythos and L$ 2,000.-

Awarding winners

We trust that “the biggest satisfaction will be the fun of participating”, but we have prizes for five winners as well:

  • First prize: A month free rent in one of the available houses of choice in Mythos (*) and L$ 2,000,- (for home decoration or something else of your choice to enjoy 🙂
  • Second prize: L$ 2,000,-.
  • Third prize: L$ 1,000,-.
  • Top five winners will receive a Gift Accessory Pack from SE Something Else.
  • And – of course – eternal fame for all the winners.

The winners will be notified and announced in the first week of May 2020.

(*) An overview of available rentals can be found at the Mythos Welcome Center


This event is organized by two members of the Leadership Group of Mythos:

  • Star Thorne Aquillius Evenstarr (starter232 resident) – Starter
  • Ɗαvιd Aqυιllιυѕ (davidarof denimore) – David

We aim to make this event light and fun, please help us keep it that way. Our guidelines:

  • Organizers and jury members will not participate in the event.
  • Jury members will judge the paintings on the guidelines of the event (see above).
  • The votes will be accurately counted, but will not made public.
  • The outcome of the contest can not be disputed.

Enjoy participating; Enjoy the challenge!
Thank you in advance for your entry,
Your event organizers, who wish you well!