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Winter solstice has been celebrated in cultures around the world over thousands of years. The start of the solar year is a celebration of the rebirth of the Sun. Today, many people in Western-based cultures refer to this holiday as ‘Christmas’. Yet a look into its origins reveals its Pagan roots. 

Emperor Aurelian established December 25 as the birthday of the ‘Invincible Sun’ in the third century, as part of the Roman winter solstice celebrations. Shortly thereafter, in 273, the Christian church selected this day to represent the birthday of Jesus, and by 336, this Roman solar feast day was Christianized. January 6, celebrated as Epiphany in Christendom and linked with the visit ofthe Magi, was originally an Egyptian date for the Winter Solstice. [1video: ‘Christmas and its pagan roots (31min)another video: ‘History of Christmas: Rome to Reformation’ (8.30min)]

Celtic winter solstice customs and traditions were not so very different from ours, full of sharing, decorating, food & gifts. [2] At winter solstice, the balance between Lightness and Darkness is in full swing. As the cold presses down upon us, love is radiated to the ones around us. Presents are offered, songs sang, lights lit, to give the warm emotion of the cold season a display. 

Our own welcome to you, Sun of the seasons,
As you walk the height of your sky;
Your steps are strong upon your ascent,
You are the joyful mother of the stars.

You settle down in the sea of destruction,
Without harm and without fear;
You rise up on the peaceful arc,
As a young queen in bloom.

Carmina Gadelica Vol III no 317, translated by Chris Godwin
Horse Statue on the bridge at Mythos Notos


As a present for the holiday season, Mythos has a wooden horse statue for you (picture above). The horse – as a universal symbol – represents (the rebirth of) energy, but a horse can also represent the force of the darkness.

Think for example of the Nazgûl, or Ring-wraiths (‘nazg’ meaning ‘ring’ in the Black Speech, and ‘gûl’ meaning spirit or wraith) in the Lord of the Rings. And in some cultures, like Christianity, the white horse can be a symbol of death. 


The horse is a universal symbol

of strength and power,

of energy and wisdom,

of freedom and desire,

and sometimes of darkness or death

Pegasus, the Trojan horse, the centaur, Balius and Xanthus, the unicorn – to name just a few – there’s no doubt that mythological horses fostered the creation of that universal idea a horse represents, and the admiration we have for this remarkable creature. 

But … it’s not just about a wooden horse, of course. ¡We are Mythos!


Mythos invites you to rezz your horse and participate in a creative event. The horse is full perm, so you can make it bigger or smaller, add textures to each part. You can add items as well, like armor or flowers. The horse is on a platform with wheels, so it can be drawn. Or you can add a title or build a story around the statue. Whatever you like! And, since we’re in Mythos, it’s appreciated even more if there is a reference to something mythological, or fantasy or something epic or historical (ancient battle, for example).

Well, you know what Mythos is about, and if not – and you are about to discover Mythos –  please visit the Mythos Welcome Center.

Let your creativity and imagination flow, because that’s what Mythos is about, and that’s how it should be! We hope you will enjoy the creation of your horse statue! The Forum in the city center will be available for the horse statues for everyone to enjoy – see ‘Event Schedule and Rules’ below.

Transfer your horse

into something wonderful,

something ‘light’


something ‘dark’.


To support and stimulate your inspiration, two sources:

  • Video with mythological horses:


Dates & rules for the event are:

  • December 2018: Work on your horse statue(s). You are allowed to send in one horse statue, or maximum two horses if one represents ‘Lightness’ and the other ‘Darkness’.
  • Max. 200  prims per statue.
  • In the context of the total amount of available prims on the sim, we can allow max. 20 statues on the Forum in the city. Therefore we will use a “full = full”-policy in the city. From December 27 and onwards you can announce your participation to David Tertius Aquillius (username: davidarof denimore).
  • From December 27 until January 6: After Christmas, we will allow statues on the Forum. When  you are ready to put your horse statue on the Forum, please contact land manager and event coordinator David Tertius Aquillius (username: davidarof denimore) for indications.
  • A name sign will be put next to your horse statue.
  • From January 6 until January 31: Exposition & voting.


In January, we will be stimulating family and friends to visit the city and enjoy the horse statues. This will also be the opportunity to vote for your favorite statue.

Details on the voting:

  • From January 6 and onwards: Visit the city to enjoy the statues and chose your favorite horse statue. 
  • Create your Top 3 with your favorite horses. Make a new notecard (new, so we can see your profile name!), with your Top 3 with titles /names of your favorite statues.
  • Drop the notecard in the blue mailbox.
  • Your number 1 will get 6 points, number 2 will get 4 points, and number 3 will get 2 points. You can vote only once. You are allowed to send in only one or two favorite horse statue titles, instead of three.


The winning horse will be put on a nice spot in Mythos during 2019.

The winner will be notified and announced in the first week of February.


How to follow the event:

*Note that we aim to make the event ‘light and fun’, which means:

  • The votes will be accurately counted, but will not be made public.
  • The outcome of the contest can not be disputed.

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