Vote Now for the Mythos Photo Contest

We received 41 astonishing entries for the Mythos Photo Contest and all pictures are now displayed on canvas in three main Galleries in Second Life:

You can vote for you favorite picture during the month of November 2018


Mythos – a realm in Second Life – provides a reference to mythology and all the stories that were told throughout mankind, legends about gods and evil and strange creatures, amazing adventures about heroes – or common people turning out to be heroes – and the ‘good and bad’. To honor this legacy, we organized the “Mythos Photo Contest“.

Exterior – Morpheus’ Gallery of Dreams at Mythos


  • Visit this exposition in one of the galleries.
  • Click on each photo to find out its’ number, title and creator. (Make sure you are in chat range when clicking the picture!).
  • Make a new notecard (new, so i can see your name!), with your Top 3 with the numbers and titles of your favorite pictures.
  • Drop the notecard in the blue mailbox in the gallery, or drop it in the profile of event organizer David Tertius Aquillius – username: davidarof denimore.


  • You can vote only once. You are allowed to send in only one title instead of three (if you have a very clear winner). It is not allowed to vote three times for the same photo. It is not allowed to vote for your own picture.*
  • Your number 1 will get 6 points, number 2 will get 3 points, and number 3 will get 1 point.
  • Popular votes will make up 1 jury vote (of a total of five).

* Votes that do not meet these rules will simply be ignored.


The schedule for the event is as follows:

  • November 2018: Exposition & Voting open.
  • 1st week of December 2018: Announcing and awarding the winners.

How to follow the voting event & winning entries:

♪♫♬ Party at Spurt Beach ♪♫♬
We are planning a party at Spurt Beach at the beginning of December 2018, to celebrate creativity and honor all participants and winners. Join the Spurt Beach group (free to join) to get properly notified.


The guideline for the pictures were:

  • Portrait: Avatar(s) and/or mythological creature(s) form the center of attention; nudity is allowed.
  • Theme: Anything mythology related, for example a god, a creature, or you – or your model/muse – with a mythological creature, or with a mythological and/or ancient attribute.
  • Setting: Show a lovely aspect of Mythos.
  • Embellishment or upgrading of your photo / painting will be appreciated – but is not mandatory – i.e. using for example Second Life windlight or photo editing to create a creative masterpiece.
2018 Mythos Photo Contest
A mythological creature – like the centaur – as a source of inspiration for the contest


The jury consists of five members, each with the same amount of influence:

  • Chance Dreamscape, founder of the three galleries.
  • Ɗerek Lyons Vale Aquillius, one of the founding fathers & leaders of Mythos.
  • Rosslyn Guardian, artist of Mythos.
  • David Tertius Aquillius, organizer of the event.
  • The peoples vote, the sum of the popular vote.


The awards will go to the photo / painting with the most points. The prizes are:

  • First: L$ 6,000
  • Second: L$ 3,000
  • Third: L$ 1,500

The winners will be notified and announced in the first week of December.

* Note: we aim to make the event ‘light and fun’, which means:
– Jury members will not participate in the event.
– The votes will be accurately counted, but will not be made public.
– The outcome of the contest can not be disputed.


01 Satyr Reg, by Reg Eros Leone Redrose-O’Black Reg (raynebathory85)
02 Perseus and The Gorgon, by Al Neville (guztavvo)
03 Victory over the enemy…, by ღ Dajana Baiae Etchegaray-Drake (medajana)
04 Ride to the War with Primus Trent, by ღ Dajana Baiae Etchegaray-Drake (medajana)
05 Avalon: Crossing From Death To Legend, by Al Neville (guztavvo)
06 Summoning Jupiter’s Rain, by Dᴀɴɪᴇʟ Hᴀx-Wᴏᴏᴅs (navigator.hax)
07 Ra fighting Apophis the Chaos Serpent, by Cale Alcott
08 Guardian Angel, by ƝєﻜƘє (neskeshin)
09 Kukulkan, Mayan god, the ‘feathered serpent’, by Taysuke
10 Good Versus Evil, by Holden S.R. Spaulding III (rmichael1031978) with model Sebastian Bouevier
11 I’m watching you…, by Rαуɗєη Lуσηѕ ƲαƖє Ɛνєηѕтαяя (raydenrider)
12 Wrapped In Your Love, by Prince (Prince Swansong)
13 Amiere’s Resting Place, by Wɨƈӄɛɖ Sʟǟʏɛʀ (tapony gray)
14 Balcony Moon Garden, by Wɨƈӄɛɖ Sʟǟʏɛʀ (tapony gray)
15 Mercy, by Colt (coltshadow), with model Philip Karlfeldt
16 Forest Guardian, by Colt (coltshadow)
17 Blest my goddess Bast, by Joyce Redrose-O’Black ™ (joyce redrose)
18 Family Feud, by Arty (artiriel)
19 Falchion, by Arty (artiriel)
20 A Family, by Zee Baiae Etchegaray-Drake (zerryh)
21 Angelic, by Zee Baiae Etchegaray-Drake (zerryh)
22 Prelude, by Lusci Baiae Etchegaray-Drake (x0xxlusciousxx0x)
23 Illusive, by Enki (enki seriman)
24 Guarding the Temple, by Patch O’Black™ (patchoblack)
25 The Midas Touch, by Cale Alcott
26 Pathways to get there, by Jasper Composer
27 The Gladiator, by Lusci Baiae Etchegaray-Drake (x0xxlusciousxx0x)
28 Chronos, by Bℓυт (blut voom)
29 The flight of Eros, by Ghost Undamann (ninjadiru)
30 Eros, by Ghost Undamann (ninjadiru)
31 Shout, by Ernst Maven
32 Strength, by Ernst Maven
33 Carry my brother home, by Sтαятєя Ɛνєηѕтαяя (starter232) with model Leo Verus Aquillius (leofleming)
34 Birth of a Phoenix, by CosmicLynx
35 Inari Summons Her Kitsune, by CosmicLynx
36 Blessed by Zeus, by ƝєﻜƘє (neskeshin)
37 Mythos Dragon, by ƬRƐƝƬ Baiae Etchegaray-Drake (swigart5555) with model εℓισs αdσηιs ηαzαяι (adonisxenos)
38 Gasp, by ƬRƐƝƬ Baiae Etchegaray-Drake (swigart5555) with model gerard Reinoir
39 Live to Fight Another Day, by Nσαн Lєησιя (noahdelano)
40 Patience is a Virtue, by Nσαн Lєησιя (noahdelano)
41 Apollyon’s Groove, by Dᴀɴɪᴇʟ Hᴀx-Wᴏᴏᴅs (navigator.hax)

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