TOP 10 Hottest Men in Best Epic Movies

TOP 10 Hottest Men in Epic Movies of Ancient Times

Storytelling, for a great deal that’s what Mythos is about! We live our digital life and dive into new adventures, some good, some normal or bad, but continious weaving our stories into the future. Living Mythos is like a livestream movie in a theatrical setting; Beautiful men and women in spectacular landscapes.

This blog post is hot, so be carefull, you don’t wanna burn yourself: The Top 10 of Sexiest Men in the Most Epic Movies of antiguity & mythology of all times; I tried to make a balanced mix of the best ‘mythological movies’ (including their impact in society) on one hand, and the hottest men (including their influence on our mood and on society) on the other. Since a lot of us enjoy being gay in Mythos, I also added some ‘gay comments’ here and there, to give it a special touch.

I have a few remarks, before we go over to my Top 10: I didn’t include series. I had my doubts about The Lord of the Rings, since it’s pure ‘phantasy’, but in the end I decided to put the trilogy in the Top 10 because it makes so much references to mythology, which we love so much. I also thought about Star Wars and although I am a big fan of Han Solo, I left it out (Harrison Ford is in the Top 10 anyways 😉 ) Star Wars also makes reference to mythology and it is set in a ‘Galaxy a long time ago’, which pleads in it’s favor, but – in my opinion – it is too much science fiction and therefore it felt awkward in this Top 10.

I hope you like the Top 10 and I wonder if you would agree or would make different choices. Did I forget somebody? Enjoy a trip back in cinema history!


Kit Harington TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Christopher ‘Kit’ Harington as Milo in Pompeii (2014).

Love story between Milo, a slave, and Cassia, the daughter of the Pompeian city governor in 79 AC, the year in which the glorious Roman city of Pompeii got destroyed and buried under ash after the volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted. Also present at the same time is the Roman Senator Corvis (Kiefer Sutherland), who 17 years earlier slaughtered Milo’s entire village and left our hero for dead, and also desperately wants Cassia. Kit looks spectacular and doing something in Pompeii is good, but it’s hard to believe that Milo would find love and vengeance all in one so dramatic moment. The last shots of the movie are epic and hilaric at the same time: the lovers’ petrified bodies, locked in an eternal embrace, a reference to the two Pompeii’s famous embracing ‘maiden’ couple, who are actually two (possibly gay) men (!)


Gerard Butler - TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Gerard Butler as King Leonidas of Sparta in 300 (2006).

Far more than 300 Spartans die as Frank Miller mythologizes the Spartan warriors who stood against a huge Persian army in 480 B.C.: the battle of Thermopylae (“The Hot Gates”). Gerard Butler is very yummy on screen, as always, despite the fact that the movie was filmed with a technique to help replicate the imagery of the original comic book. Writer Alan Moore criticized 300 as being historically inaccurate regarding characters’ attitudes towards homosexuality: “In 300 a Spartan is talking about the Athenians, and says: ‘Those boy-lovers’ […] while the Spartans were quite famous for enforcing man-boy love amongst the ranks as a way of military bonding. […] I’m not saying it was homophobic; It’s just not very well researched”.


Colin Farrell TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great in Alexander (2004).

Alexander III (356 BC – 323 BC) was king (basileus) of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia. During his youth, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle. After the age of 16 he spent most of his life on an unprecedented military campaign through Asia and northeast Africa, creating cities and one of the largest empires ever, stretching from Greece to India, which also makes the movie sort of long ;). The movie features Alexanders’ intimate bond with Hephaestion, who playes a full part in Alexander’s life as a friend, confidant and lover (last is not always confirmed by historians, so that caused some turmoil), and also Angelina Jolie, as his mother, in real life less than a year older than Colin (!), in a wicked mother-son relationship.


Brad Pitt - TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy (2004).

Troy was a city in the northwest of Anatolia, Turkey, strategically situated near the Dardanelles strait. In Greek mythology, the Trojan War was waged against the city by the Achaeans (Greeks), after Paris of Troy – the one that later shot Achilles in the heel – took Helen from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta. The Trojan war is one of the most important events in Greek mythology and has been narrated through many works of Greek literature, most notably Homer’s Iliad. In the movie, Brad is handsome (as always), but doesn’t convince as Achilles. No wonder, since Achilles’ was put back in the closet; There was no room (and therefore some turmoil) for his true love for Patroclus, who is just his cousin in this movie, and not his lover [1].


Kirk Douglas - TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Kirk Douglas as Spartacus in Spartacus (1960).

Sort of a forerunner and source of inspiration for Gladiator (next one up); Spartacus was a Thracian gladiator who was one of the escaped slave leaders in the Third Servile War (73 BC – 71 BC), a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Little is known about Spartacus beyond the events of the war, and surviving historical accounts are sometimes contradictory and may not always be reliable. However, all sources agree that he was a former gladiator and an accomplished military leader. Kirk Douglas, father of Michael, starred and collaborated in the movie with the then relatively unknown director, Stanley Kubrick. He turned 100 on December 9, 2016 and is one of the last surviving stars of the film industry’s Golden Age.


richard-burton TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Richard Burton as Mark Anthony in Cleopatra (1963).

Marcus Antonius (83 BC – 30 BC) was a Roman politician and general who played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic from an oligarchy into the autocratic Roman Empire. Antony was a supporter of Julius Caesar, and served as one of his generals during the conquest of Gaul (more or less France nowadays), and the Civil War. After Caesars death, Antony was assigned Rome’s eastern provinces, including Egypt, and became Cleopatra’s lover, ruler of Egypt. (Cleopatra was also a lover of Caesar!) Curious detail: Cleopatra was played by Elizabeth Taylor, who had a turbulent hop-on-hop-of relationship with Burton in real life as well. [2]


Viggo Mortensen - TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings III (2003).

Aragorn II, son of Arathorn, is a fictional character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium, and one of the main protagonists of The Lord of the Rings. Aragorn was a Ranger of the North, first introduced with the name Strider at Bree, as the Hobbits continued to call him throughout The Lord of the Rings. He was eventually discovered to be the heir of Isildur and rightful claimant to the thrones of Arnor and Gondor! He was also a confidant of Gandalf and an integral part of the quest to destroy the Ring and defeat the Dark Lord Sauron. Tolkiens’ story came vivid to life thanks to Peter Jackson, who earned widespread respect for this trilogy.


Harrison Ford - TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).

Raiders of the Lost Ark is an adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, written by Lawrence Kasdan from a story by George Lucas and Philip Kaufman. Critics said it may be too “dark” or violent for some (Both Spielberg and Lucas went through rough times), but Indiana Jones is an ingenious adventure spectacle that showcases one of Hollywood’s finest filmmaking teams. With the huge success, Lucas and Spielberg made more Indiana Jones films, and Hollywood still produces films that are influenced by Indiana Jones today; the success did not only stay in the film world but also spread out to computer games, comic books, animated series, etc.


Russell Crowe - TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius in Gladiator (2000).

Gladiator was directed by Ridley Scott and stars Russell Crowe, who portrays Hispano-Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius, who is betrayed when Commodus, the ambitious son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, murders his father and seizes the throne. Reduced to slavery, Maximus rises through the ranks of the gladiatorial arena to avenge the murders of his family and his emperor. The film won multiple awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor and three other Oscars at the 73rd Academy Awards. It has also been credited with rekindling interest in entertainment centered around ancient Greek and Roman culture, such as the TV series Rome.


charlton heston - TOP 10 Hottest Sexy Men in Best Epic Ancient Times Movies

Charlton Heston as prince Ben-Hur in Ben Hur (1959).

Ben-Hur had the largest budget and sets built, of any film produced at the time. The nine-minute chariot race has become one of cinema’s most famous sequences, and the film score, composed and conducted by Miklós Rózsa, is the longest ever composed for a film and was highly influential on cinema. The film narrates the story of Judah Ben-Hur, a wealthy prince and merchant in Jerusalem and Judah’s childhood friend, the Roman citizen Messala (Stephen Boyd), who is now a tribune. After years away from Jerusalem, Messala returns as the commander of the Roman garrison, while Judah is devoted to freedom of the Jewish people. ‘Filthy tongues’ 😉 claim there was more between Judah and Messala than just friendship. [3]

Header: Andy Whitfield (R.I.P.), still from series Spartacus, Blood and Sand

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