Let the Music Play

Let the music play - Mythos and Second Life - Egypt

DJ Cato in the City and Upper Gardens or DJ Tina on Muse Isle make us wanna get up and shake our thang in Mythos, so inspired by all this music I thought it might be nice to write a few lines about music in ancient times.

Since no sounds from antiquity survived to this day, it is difficult to imagine how music sounded in ancient times, and what it’s role was. However, many musical instruments, notations and images of musicians have been preserved in statues, ceramics and mosaics. [1]

From Mesopotamia in the Orient, passing Egypt and Greece, onto the west coasts of the Roman empire, it’s clear that music has always played an important role in life. In ancient societies, music helped to attract the attention of the Gods to obtain their goodness: songs, spells, prayers, hymns and ritual murmurs. It is considered a great intermediary and some divinities are closely associated with sounds.

In Mesopotamia, the God Enki or Ea invents enchantments. In Egypt, the goddess Hathor presides over the parties to the sound of the sistrum and tambourine.

Hathor emblem from a sistrum

In Greco-Roman civilization, Apollo with his lyre is the God musician and poet. When Apollo swept his hand across the strings, even the little waves on the blue sea stopped chasing one another to listen; then they too sang the same song, and they sing it to this day.”

Let the Music Play-Mythos Second Life
Apollo with his lyre

Cicero said: “a life without music is like a body without its soul. Sources tell us Romans’ lives were filled with music, just as ours are today: they had music during weddings and funerals, parties and holy rituals, theatre representations and during battle. [2]

“A life without music is like a body without its soul”

We have always believed in the ability of music to influence the state of the soul and the body. We still do. So, since no sounds from antiquity survived to this day, let’s call upon all song writers and dj’s and

Let the trumpet sound!
Let the drums speak!
Let the music play!

Gladiator playing a cornu

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  1. David, Music an all of the celebrations in Ancient Egypt and was part of many of the festivals of Bast-et. She also played the Sistern and is also known as Lady of the Sistern!


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