Tribute to the Nude Male

The ancient Greeks used to go to the gym naked as a tribute to the Gods, a notion integrated into the semantics of the word ‘gymnasium’ that translates as ‘school for naked exercise’. Narcissus – who saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it – and his fellow Greeks admired the naked male body, which they perfected by practicing competitive sports or exercising in gyms. [1]

Narcissus-Tribute to the Nude Male-Mythos

Art male figures were often depicted in the nude to display the musculature and grace of the male form, highlighting the central role the masculine body occupied in Greek culture. The art was often explicitly or implicitly homoerotic. In some paintings, groups of men would massage each other; in others, they would embrace as lovers. Many athletic scenes could carry erotic subtext as well. [2]


All models, all photographers, and everybody who loves their body, stand up and move your butt to Mythos to show off your beautiful body to honor the Gods, and be proudly displayed in the nude at the “Mythos Nude Art Festival”. Make your pictures to create your own masterpiece. Get creative!

The art work must comply with these guidelines:

  • Naked body or bodies a must!
  • Art must show a lovely aspect in Mythos land
  • There must be a gift of fruit for the Gods
  • Any embellishment is allowed i.e. using coloring or photo editing to create the masterpiece

Five wise Judges, who will not enter into this competition, will award the winners. The awards will be: 1st place L$ 3000, 2nd L$ 2000, 3rd L$ 1000.

Send in Your Art Now!

The nude art will be shown at the Gallery of Morpheus at Mythos.

Send Roz (username: roz11) or Chance (username: chancedreamscape) your picture (texture) by sl noon on Sunday April 15, 2018. (The texture needs to be copy and modifiable).


Captura de pantalla 2018-03-21 21.09.51

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