Follow Your Ideals at the “Mythos Nude Art Festival”

Egyptian and Assyrian cultures are filled with fully clothed Gods and mortals, but the Ancient Greeks chose to depict the human body in its natural state. Everyone knows the Greek body! It is one of the great achievements of this particular art form that is has become the currency of daily life from Bondi Beach to California and all stations in between. For a man in Ancient Greece to be naked at, say, the wrestling academy was to join the ranks of the righteous [1].

Why so Much Nudity in Greek Art?

To the Greeks nudity was the mark of a hero. It was not about representing the literal world, but a world which was mythologized. It is not only an artistic tradition, but also connected to a set of ideas and ideals. Society 3,000 years ago was highly honor-conscious. To do what was dishonorable was to invite censure and punishment. So, for instance, Ancient Greece was honest and perfectly open about homosexuality and accepted it in young men. [2]


The GODs have declared that to show our love to them we must present them with glorifying photos of Mythos and have decreed that for their pleasure, there will be a Mythos Nude Art Festival.

The beautiful nude art pieces will be shown at the Gallery of Morpheus at Mythos (header picture), and displayed there for all to enjoy. Please visit the Gallery by April 1, 2018, before the place is cleared of its current art works. Your piece will be placed on a 5m wide, 3.5m deep canvas to show the details and be on display.

Mythos must present a gift of artwork (photos) to the GODs by April 15 which will be judged by 5 wise Judges (who will not enter into this competition).

The art work must comply with these guidelines:

  • Naked body or bodies a must!
  • Art must show a lovely aspect in Mythos land
  • There must be a gift of fruit for the Gods
  • Any embellishment is allowed i.e. using coloring or photo editing to create the masterpiece

Send in Your Art! How?

In Second Life: Send Roz (username: roz11) or Chance (username: chancedreamscape) your picture (texture) by sl noon on Sunday April 15, 2018. (The texture needs to be copy and modifiable).

Visit the Gallery of Morpheus at Mythos, click here.

The awards will be rich for the finest artwork as the GODs will be pleased!
1st place L$ 3000, 2nd L$ 2000, 3rd L$ 1000.

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